Stylish TABLE

Stylish TABLE

At Stylish TABLE, you can try seasonal cooking and flower arranging lessons
while learning how to create theme-based table settings.

Stylist Hiromi Saito

While a university student, Hiromi Saito began studying the fundamentals of home cooking from Haru Nakadate,
a former pupil of Yuri Nakae, considered one of Japan’s original home cooking researchers.

She also studied table coordination and flower arranging from well-known artists and professionals,
and has obtained a flower designer diploma from a British flower school.

Hiromi began Stylish TABLE in 2003.
In 2011, she participated in the “Tableware Festival – Comfortable Dining Area Contest” held at Tokyo Dome,
and was awarded the Tokyo Governor’s Award and the First prize.

Currently, Hiromi teaches lessons at her home in Tokyo, and also holds seminars and creates product displays for special events.
Her specialty is stylish, modern arrangements.

2011 Tableware Festival"Comfortable Dining Area Contest"
Tokyo Governor'sAward Display

2012 Tableware Festival"Comfortable Dining Area Contest"
Special Invitation Display