Stylish TABLE

Join a salon-style small group lesson (1 – 6 participants).
One of the following three lessons is held each month. Reservations required.

*See the INFOpage for the details of each lesson.
*The cost of each lesson will depend on the lesson content. Contact Stylish TABLE for details.
*The ending time of each lesson may vary.
*Stylish TABLE lessons are for women only.
*Lessons are held at the home of Stylish TABLE owner Hiromi Saito.
(Details will be provided once a reservation is made.)

Time Schedule:11:00〜13:30

Enjoy learning how to cook simple and delicious
dishes using the best seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy a memorable meal enhanced by
a table setting that matches the culinary theme.

Flower Arranging
Time Schedule:10:00〜12:30

Try your hand at creating an original flower
arrangement, utilizing seasonal flowers
and trendy colors.

Flower arrangements available:
*Fresh flowers
*Artificial flowers
*Preserved flowers

Stylish TABLE Special Lesson
Time Schedule:11:00〜13:30

At this popular special lesson, you can enjoy
cooking, flower arranging and table coordination
all in one!

Lesson example:
*Mini wreath + cooking (3 appetizers, main dish, dessert, tea)